How to reset your Windows Password using a Windows Password Reset Disk

If you have forgotten your Windows password and have previously created a Windows Password Reset Disk, you can use this disk to change your password to a new one. This will allow you to login to Windows again using the new password. To reset a password, start Windows and attempt to login to the account that you have forgotten the password. When you enter the wrong password once, Windows will display an additional option under the password field labeled use your password reset disk in Windows XP or Reset Password for later versions of Windows. These reset password prompts for the different versions of Windows are shown below.


Windows XP Password Reset Prompt
Windows XP Reset Password Prompt


Windows 7 Password Reset Prompt
Windows Vista and Windows 7 Reset Password Prompt


Reset password prompt in Windows 8
Windows 8 Reset Password Prompt


When you click on the Reset Password option, or use your password reset disk in Windows XP, Windows will start the Password Reset wizard as shown below.


Password Reset Wizard


Click on the Next button to start the reset process. You will now be at a screen that prompt you to select the removable media that corresponds to your password reset disk.


Select Password Reset Disk


Once you have selected the password reset disk please click on the Next button. You will now be at a screen where you can enter a new password for the account that you are locked out of.


Reset Password screen


Note: If you receive the error "An error occurred while the wizard attempting to set the password for this user account." when attempting to reset a password, you are probably trying to reset an account that is not associated with the inserted password reset disk. Either try a different password reset disk or use it with a different account.

Please enter your password and then once again to confirm it. Then provide a hint that will help you remember the password in the future. When you are ready, click on the Next button and you will be presented with a screen that states that your password was reset correctly.


Finished Resetting Password


Click on the Finish button to close the Password Reset Wizard. You will now be back at the login prompt where you can enter your new password and login to Windows.

If you have not already created a Password Reset Disk and would like instructions on how to do so, please see this tutorial:

How to create a Windows Password Reset Disk